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For years, I've been on a journey inspired by beauty. Admiring it, experiencing it, and most of all creating it. The journey of Tapis Folie begins with a photographic image that attracts me and invites me to use as my canvas. I digitally edit it, then paint and embellish the fabric (linen/satin) to turn it into a true gem for your wall.
That's what the 'folie' in Tapis Folie refers to: something that fills you with joy, something that makes you happy, something you just want to keep looking at! The French say it so beautifully: Je suis folle de toi - I'm crazy about you! The image often already contains a beautiful tension between dreamy and rugged, but the post-painting on the fabrics adds that extra touch of magic. And then a beautiful finish, of course! It's the details in particular that bring me joy.

The tapestry is stretched on wood and finished with a thick glossy fringe. Now she's ready to hang on your wall. A magical artwork with a frayed edge around it. Isn't that a beautiful metaphor for life itself?

All works are handmade, and each version is truly one of a kind.
Ever-changing collection.

                                                                        Click the image (slides) for more information.
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