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On this website, I showcase my art. Works I've created, sold, given away, lent, taken on as commissions, exhibited, but above all, works that I've immensely enjoyed throughout all of the above.
Being moved by art, regardless of its form, is truly magical. It soothes, delights, and connects, something we can all use in these times. You can literally become "charged up" when you see something that touches you.
And all without a cord! I'd like to be a part of that and contribute to this wherever I can.
I've delved into many disciplines and materials and continue to do so. Sculpting, painting, assembling objects, and constantly seeking new ways to bring my ideas to life. In short, anything that makes my heart skip a beat as soon as the idea presents itself.
And yes, it's diverse, but perhaps this is precisely my signature. Diversity.
Always staying on the lookout, and striving to create the most beautiful things, something you just want to keep looking at.

Is that exciting? Absolutely. But I'm in good company: 
'Creativity takes courage', Henri Matisse said. And boy, it sure does, but we do it anyway.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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