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Eliane Douglas (1971)

Born and raised in the East of the Netherlands, I studied, worked and lived both in the South and the West, to currently end up in the middle of our small country. Practically all directions of the wind were met! In all of these locations, the need to create (singing, theater, visual arts) was always the central theme.
After my education at the Hogeschool voor Management in Maastricht (1995) and enjoyable jobs in the commercial field, the longing to create in the truest sense kept resurfacing. After taking several sculpture and portrait courses, I was certain: my heart lies in the arts. I chose a different path.
Since 2011 I've therefore been active in several children's clinics,, under the name 'Café des Artistes'.  As an in-house artist, I create various artistic objects with severely ill children.

Work that resembles play, that liberates, that energizes, doesn't really feel like work. It's a place where magic is born! I've attempted to carry this magic into my own art work and my own studio aswell. This is where it all came into being: sculptures and objects, portrait art on various surfaces, and most recently, a modern and unique version of the old wall tapestry.
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